About Us

Gauge geo techniques are a group of professionals engaged in the designing, development and manufacturing of civil engineering, meteorological and geological products. We provide services in almost all parts of India and also in various countries including USA, Europe, Gulf, Africa, Mongolia etc.

Our services are of high quality and has been highly appreciated by the customers worldwide.

Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers of:
  • Civil Engineering Quality Control Laboratory and Field Products
  • Field Monitoring Products for Dam, Bridge, Tunnel, Taxi tracks etc.
  • Meteorological Monitoring Products for Weather and natural resources
  • Geological Tools and Devices for professionals and Survey Engineering Products
  • Layout, Estimation, Design, Installation, Demonstration & Training on Civil Engineering Equipment
  • Onsite GDS (Gauge, Discharge and Silt) observation including Meteorological monitoring at toughest locations
  • Soil and Rock Drilling, Site Investigation, Laboratory Soil Testing, NDT of Concrete, Pile and Plate Load Testing